Lemon Lovegood logo

Lemon Lovegood is the name in which we collaborate and license our designs to other brands for their product lines. Modern prints with pops of color is our jam!

  • darling daisy chairs
    Darling Daisy Spring Collection
  • Lemon Lovegood wrapping paper
    Holiday Collection
  • Pomegranate Fall Collection
  • Pop of Fall Collection
  • jungle summer fabric
    Jungle Summer Collection
  • Baby Swaddle Blankets
    Stencils and Stamps Collection
  • Bohemian Summer Collection
  • Pressed Florals Spring Collection
  • Scandinavia Kids Collection
  • Citrus Summer Kids Collection
  • Pineapple Dream fabric
    Pineapple Dream Kids Collection
  • Coral Floral Dark pillow
    Poppy Kids Collection